The Easy to Use Teleconferencing Service

Easy to join a meeting

Joining a teleconference couldn’t be easier, dial a telephone number and enter a PIN.

Works every time

This is a business grade service (meaning ultra reliable), so you can expect your meetings to work every time.

Speakerphone used for holding teleconferences

Stress free meetings

There are no apps or software to download and no worries about the internet speed of your participants.

Use any telephone

Your callers can use any telephone to join a meeting.

Instant setup

Create an account (it?s free) and hold your first teleconference within 2-3 minutes.


  • Free setup

  • Pay only per line/minute

  • No subscription charge

  • Cancel any time

No need to book your meetings

The telephone numbers and PINs are always the same so you don’t need to make a reservation.

This makes it easier to hold regular meetings.

Up to 30 telephone lines can join your teleconference.

Pay only for what you use

There are no subscription charges and the account can be cancelled at anytime.

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Why are real telephone lines so important?

Real telephone lines allow us to provide great sound quality for every teleconference.

Phone calls over the internet don’t always sound good and it only needs one bad line to ruin a meeting.

International teleconferences

Callers in many countries can join your meeting without paying for an international telephone call.

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teleconference with people around the world

Recording a meeting

Record a conference call and download the recording minutes later.

You can also automatically record all meetings.

Read more about recording

Record your teleconference calls

. . . we don’t really use cassettes!

Frequent users

If you need simultaneous conference calls and an easier way to track costs we can help.

You can have as many conference rooms as you need (they are free) and our invoices are itemised and show subtotals for users.

How am I charged?

Creating an account is free.

A teleconference is charged per line per minute. The more lines you have or the longer the meeting, the more it will cost.

You only pay for what you use, there is no monthly subscription or minimum cost.

You can stop using the service at any time.

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What does a teleconference cost?

An average 60 minute meeting would cost: $36.63 including GST.

That’s assuming 6 lines all dialling the 1800 number (3 landlines and 3 mobile).

Most of our customers use the 1800 number because the telephone calls are normally free for the caller (because the organiser will be paying for them).

Calculate what your meeting will cost

Everyone is in Australia and joins by dialling the 1800 number.

This is the number used by most of our customers, because callers join the meeting free (the organiser is paying for their call charges).


How many phone lines dialling the 1800 number?

Cost for the meeting (including GST):$

These costs exclude GST to make it easier to compare our rates with other conferencing companies.

All systems & staff are in Australia
Supported in Australia

How do I get started?

Create an account – this is free and there are no ongoing subscriptions or minimums.

You only pay for what you use and can terminate the service at any time.

You are ready to hold your first teleconference 2-3 minutes later.

I need to know more

Detailed explanation of how everything works here

You can also send an email or call us on 1800 230 009.

About us

TTC is an Australian teleconference service provider. This is all we do.

We use the same systems as the largest global conference call companies so you can be sure your meetings will always go ahead.

Our founders have been running teleconference services in Australia for more than 10 years.


All of our systems and staff are in Australia.

Using regular phone lines no part of your meeting or even who holds the account goes overseas.


  • Free setup

  • Pay only per line/minute

  • No subscription charge

  • Cancel any time