A caller using a mobile phone can join your teleconference without needing to manually dial the phone number and enter the PIN.

All they need to do is create an address book/calendar entry.

On your mobile phone:

1Create a new contact and give it a meaningful name.
2In the telephone number field you will be entering: TelephoneNumber,,PIN#
3If you are in Australia, it will be: 1800571990,,PIN#
simply replace “PIN” with your actual PIN. There should be no spaces.
4Save the new contact

Test it works. You should hear it dial the telephone number, hear a 4 seconds pause and then enter the PIN.

Calendar invitations

You can also paste the same “dial string” into your calendar invitations.


  1. Each comma adds a two second delay (two commas give a four second delay).
  2. After the delay, the PIN is entered.
  3. The # at the end of the PIN tells the system you have finished entering digits.

Create an address book entry as before, but this time the telephone number is the one listed for the country the caller is in.

Not dialling the phone number

Ensure that there are no spaces in the telephone number.

Not entering the conference PIN

Ensure there are no spaces between the telephone number and the PIN, just the commas.

I can’t join the teleconference

Confirm you have the correct details by manually dialling into the system and entering the PIN.

Assuming this works and you have entered the correct telephone number and PIN into your contact list:

  1. Dial into the system using the stored number and PIN.
  2. Listen to confirm that you can hear the welcome message and that the PIN is being entered.
  3. If the PIN is incorrect it will read back PIN you entered.
  4. If you are dialling from somewhere noisy it may not hear the PIN correctly.