Getting started

No reservations required

Once you have created a teleconferencing account, you can hold meetings whenever you like.

The telephone numbers and PINs are always the same so you don’t need to make a booking.

How do people join a teleconference?

Everyone dials into a telephone number (provided by us) and enters a PIN.

The call leader has a different PIN to everyone else (the participants).

Participants will hear music until the call leader joins the meeting. This is to prevent unauthorised usage of your account.

The call leader

Only give your PIN to people authorised by you to start teleconferences and therefore incur costs.

How many lines can I have in a meeting?

You may have up to 30 lines in your conferences, if you think you may need more please let us know.

Simultaneous conference calls

If you will need to hold simultaneous conference calls, you can create multiple conference rooms in your account.

The additional conference rooms are free and can be set up via the portal.

Which telephone number should I use?

Most of our clients ask their callers in Australia to dial our 1800 number.

This means that you are paying their telephone call charges.

Read more about telephone numbers.

How are teleconferences charged?

You only pay for what you use, there is no ongoing subscription.

Teleconferences are charged per line per minute. There are no flag falls and no minimums.

What if the service not used for a long time?

If the account is not used for 8 months it will be suspended.

You can test whether your teleconferencing account is active by dialling in and using the call leader PIN.

If it does not work, we can have it up and running with the click of a mouse

To reactivate your account, please send an email or call.

Terms & conditions

Usage of the service confirms your acceptance of our standard terms & conditions.

My account

How many lines can I have in the meeting?

Your conference room capacity is thirty lines including the call leader’s line.

Recording the teleconference

Record the meeting and download the recording fifteen minutes after the meeting ends.

Read more about recording and recording support

What happens if the call leader disconnects?

The meeting will continue for ten minutes and then all lines will disconnect.

If you need the meeting to continue, you can always share the call leader PIN for this meeting and change it through the portal afterwards.

What control do I have over the teleconference?

The call leader can:

  • Recording – Start, stop and pause recording of the meeting
  • Mute/unmute all lines
  • Establish how many lines are in the meeting or play the names of the people in the meeting*
  • Disconnect all lines
  • Disconnect the last line to join the meeting

More information on the commands available

Who pays for the teleconference?

The account holder is charged a per minute rate for every line in the teleconference. The more lines you have or the longer the meeting, the more it will cost.

Who pays for the telephone calls?

Most of our customers prefer to pay the call charges for everyone joining the meeting.

You would do this by asking people to dial the 1800 (toll free) number or one of our international numbers.

If you’d prefer for people to pay their own telephone call costs, you would give them the Melbourne telephone number (that’s where we are).

What does it cost?

To give you a rough cost indication, if you had 3 landlines and 3 mobile phones dialling our Australian 1800 number (as most people do) and the meeting lasted 60 minutes, the cost would be: $33.30

That’s less than the price of two coffees each.

Price list / Price comparison with other teleconferencing providers

How am I charged?

There is a per line per minute charge for every line in the meeting.

If you have not used the service, there is no charge for that month. This means you can happily leave the account in place ready for when you need it.

Invoices are emailed at the start of the month.

How do I pay?

Payment is by credit card.

Detailed invoices are emailed at the start of the month and any outstanding amount will be charged to your credit card on the 3rd of the month.

Is there a contract/am I locked in?

You can stop using the service at any time, all you need to do is pay any outstanding usage.

Invoices are generated at the start of the following month. So if you have a conference call in January, you will receive the invoice in February.

Planning a teleconference

Inviting people to a teleconference

Send the phone number/s and participant PIN to your participants. We recommend that you always copy and paste to reduce the risk of a typo!

When YOU dial in, you will enter the call leader PIN (this removes the music and allows you to talk).

If you have participants joining the teleconference from different time zones or countries, make it clear what time the meeting will be in each person’s time zone.

There is an excellent time zone meeting planner at:

Select the appropriate telephone numbers from the list.

Callers on mobile phones can automate dialling the number and entering the PIN.

If you have more than one conference room, ensure that you are using the PINs in the correct pairs or you may find your call leader and participants are waiting for each other in different places!

Holding a teleconference

Joining the teleconference

Everyone dials into the teleconferencing system using one of the numbers in the welcome email.

The PIN can be entered once you hear the system voice but we recommend listening to the prompts, especially if something does not happen as you’d expected.

Read about which telephone number to use.

The call leader has a different PIN to the participants.

Participants will hear music until the call leader joins the meeting.

When entering the PIN, hold each button down for approaching half a second. The telephone exchange needs to hear clearly which numbers were pressed.

If you are in a noisy conference room, ask for everyone to be quiet when you enter the PIN.

Recording the teleconference

The meeting can be recorded and downloaded minutes later as an MP3 file.

To start recording, the call leader should press *21 (star, then two, then one).

The system will announce that the meeting is being recorded to everyone in the meeting and to people that join later.

Everything after this point is recorded.

It is possible to break the recording into multiple parts by using the *21 command as pause/resume command.

This makes it easier if you want to record the whole meeting but only want to share parts of it.

Read more about recording or recording support

Background noise in the teleconference

Ask callers in noisy locations to mute their telephone by pressing *6.

They can unmute themselves by pressing *6 again.

Troubleshooting a teleconference

Comprehensive Troubleshooting guide

What happens if the call leader leaves the meeting?

The teleconference will continue for ten minutes and then all lines will be disconnected.

When the call leader disconnects, the participants will hear an announcement explaining that the call leader has left the meeting and that the meeting will end in ten minutes.

Ending the meeting

Attendees in conference rooms often forget to hang up their speakerphone so we recommend at the end of the teleconference, that the call leader disconnects all lines by pressing ##.

Full list of conference commands

After the meeting


If you recorded the meeting, an email containing a download link will be sent to the email address you nominated when the account was created.

The recording email will normally arrive within 15 minutes of the last line disconnecting.

If your email takes longer than this, check your spam folder. It it is not in your spam folder, confirm the meeting has really finished by dialling in as the call leader and pressing ## to ensure that all lines have been disconnected.

Recordings are stored for 90 days.

More information on teleconference recordings


Invoices are emailed to the email address you nominated when creating the account.

If you would like to change the email address or copy invoices to other email addresses, please send us an email with the details.

To keep your account active invoices must be paid by the due date.

Read more about invoices


Invoices are emailed at by the 3rd of the month (if you have used the service in the previous month).

Your card will be debited on the 5th of the month.

If the service was not used and there is no outstanding payment, there will be no invoice.

If the payment is unsuccessful, we will send an email to notify you of this and then retry on the 8th of the month.

If this second attempt is unsuccessful, the account will be deactivated until the account is brought up to date.

Payment is by credit card (there are no fees for using a credit card).

Read more about payment