Call Leader Commands


Recording start/stop:∗2
You can start and stop recording many times during a teleconference. This will break the recording of the teleconference into multiple files. This can make it easier to selectively share parts of the meeting.

Sound quality

Mute/unmute my line:∗6
Disconnect all lines:##
Mute/unmute all other lines:∗5
This will mute the lines of people who joined using the participant PIN. If you have speakers who you do not want to mute, ensure they join the teleconference using the call leader PIN.

Who’s there?

How many lines are in the teleconference:∗8
Play the names of the teleconference participants:∗8
For this to work, your conference room should be configured to ask people to say their names as they join. This is set through the myTTC portal.


Disconnect all lines:##

Commands for participants

Mute/unmute my line:∗6