What does a conference call cost?

Most callers in Australia join a meeting using our 1800 number.
This is the most common method because it means that the conference organiser is paying for everyone’s call charges.

Our rates are very low. This is possible because of our very high call volume.

Previously, the only way to pay so little for a teleconference was to gamble on using an internet based service.

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How am I charged?

  • Teleconferences are charged per line per minute. The more lines you have, or the longer the meeting, the more it will cost

  • You only pay for what you use

  • There are no on-going charges, minimums or flag falls

  • There is no contract so you can stop using the service at any time

Calculate the cost of your meeting


How many phone lines dialling the 1800 number?

Cost for the meeting (including GST):$

This assumes all lines are in Australia. The total excludes GST to make it easier to compare with other conferencing companies.

Everyone is in Australia?

Number dialledPrice
1800From a landline8¢/min
From a mobile phone10.5¢/min
Record your teleconference (this is optional)Free
Number DialledRate/min
1800 from a landline8¢/min
1800 from a mobile10.5¢/min
Record your meeting (optional)$0.00

Rates show the cost per line, per minute and exclude GST

Number dialledPrice
Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart & Darwin/min

If you don’t want to pay for your caller’s telephone charges give them the Melbourne number.

Number DialledRate/min
Other capital cities6¢/min

If you don’t want to pay for your callers’ telephone call costs, ask them to dial the Melbourne number


  • Free setup

  • Pay only per line/minute

  • No subscription charge

  • Cancel any time

International teleconference prices

Number DialledRate/min
+ Frankfurt$0.25
Hong Kong$0.17
+ Mumbai$0.59
Indonesia – Jakarta$0.49
+ Tokyo$0.28
New Zealand – from a landline only$0.12
New Zealand from a mobile or landline$0.24
+ Auckland$0.11
Philippines – Manila$0.55
South Africa$0.49
South Korea$0.17
+ Zurich$0.29
Taiwan – Taipei$0.29
Thailand – Bangkok$0.35

Country not listed?

If the country you are looking for is not listed, your caller can still join the meeting by dialling direct to Australia.

The caller will incur international call charges.

Can people join the meeting free?

Most of our international numbers are toll free, meaning that callers in that country using a landline can normally dial the number with no charge.

The cost for dialling from a mobile phone varies from a country to country.

In some countries where the toll free numbers do not work with toll free numbers (or they are unreliable) we have a number in a major city instead. This is countries like Taiwan and Thailand. These are regular telephone numbers so your caller will be charged on their bill whatever they would normally be charged for a call to that city.

Does it cost more to dial from a mobile phone?

In Australia and New Zealand we have different rates based on whether the caller is using a landline or mobile telephone.


Invoices are emailed once per month to the person/email address you nominate. They show everything we know about every line in a meeting:

  • What number a line used to join the meeting (for instance a USA or UK toll free number)
  • When it joined the teleconference
  • How long it was connected
  • What it cost.

If you have multiple users or conference rooms, they will each have a subtotal to make it easier to allocate charges to costs centres/clients/projects etc.


Payment is by credit/debit card (no additional fees).

Rates show the cost per line, per minute and exclude GST

These numbers allow your callers to join a teleconference without paying for an international telephone call.

In some countries there are two numbers this is because:

  • we have a lot of calls originating in that country and have a backup number or
  • there are known issues with calling from mobile phones to toll free numbers in that country, so we also provide a city number we can be certain will always work.

Some countries only have a city number, this is because the toll free/freephone numbers can be unreliable so we no longer use them.

The city numbers can be dialled from anywhere in that country.

If you are unsure which number to use, read: general information about international numbers and more specific information on which to use.