No reservations necessary

Once you have created a teleconference account you can hold meetings whenever you like.

The telephone numbers and PINs are always the same so you don’t need to book anything.

How do people join a teleconference?

Everyone dials a telephone number and enters a PIN.

The call leader has a different PIN to everyone else. This is to prevent people using your account without your permission.

How do people overseas join the teleconference?

We have telephone numbers in lots of countries so your overseas caller/s can normally dial a telephone number in their own country.

How many lines can I have in the meeting?

The standard conference room capacity is 30 lines including the call leader.

Recording the teleconference

Record the meeting and download the recording fifteen minutes after the meeting ends.

Read more about recording and recording support

What happens if the call leader disconnects?

The meeting will continue for ten minutes and then all lines will disconnect.

If you need the meeting to continue, you can always share the call leader PIN for this meeting and change it through the portal afterwards.

What control do I have over the teleconference?

The call leader can:

  • Recording – start, stop or pause the recording of the meeting
  • Mute/unmute all lines
  • Establish how many lines are in the meeting or play the names of the people in the meeting*
  • Disconnect all lines
  • Disconnect the last line to join the meeting

More information on the commands available

* The conference room can be set to record and playback the names of people as they join the meeting. The default is for the people in the meeting to hear a tone when people join/leave as this is less intrusive to the flow of the meeting.


  • Free setup

  • Pay only per line/minute

  • No subscription charge

  • Cancel any time

Who pays for the teleconference?

The account holder is charged a per minute rate for every line in the teleconference. The more lines you have or the longer the meeting, the more it will cost.

Who pays for the telephone calls?

Most of our customers prefer to pay the call charges for everyone joining the meeting.

You would do this by asking people to dial the 1800 (toll free) number or one of our international numbers.

If you want people to pay for their own telephone call costs, you would give them the Melbourne telephone number (that’s where we are).

What does it cost?

To give you a rough cost indication, if you had 3 landlines and 3 mobile phones dialling our Australian 1800 number (as most people do) and the meeting lasted 60 minutes, the cost would be: $33.30

In context, that’s 83% less than charged by Telstra and we use the same grade of equipment and lines. You’ll also find us easy to work with.

Price list?/?Price comparison with other teleconferencing providers

How am I charged?

There is a per line per minute charge for every line in the meeting.

If you have not used the service, there is no charge for that month. This means you can happily leave the account in place ready for when you need it.

Invoices are emailed at the start of the month.

How do I pay?

Payment is by credit card.

Detailed invoices are emailed by the 3rd of the month and any outstanding amount will be charged to your credit card on the 5th of the month.

Is there a contract/am I locked in?

You can stop using the service at any time, all you need to do is pay for any outstanding usage.

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Why The Teleconferencing Company (TTC)?

Super low prices normally mean gambling with the reliability of the service.

Despite our extremely low prices, we have not cut corners.

Using real telephone lines, we have multiple layers of backup systems and host these systems in Melbourne’s premier (most reliable) data centre.

This means that if something does go wrong at our end, you are unlikely to notice!

TTC is an Australian company and all of our team are based in Melbourne.

Creating an account

Create an account online and you could be holding your first meeting in minutes.

You can create an account at any time of day or night.

The signup form will ask for your contact and credit card details.

If someone else will be the main user you can add them to the account as well. This will make it easier for them to use the service and manage the account if you are not in the office.

When the account is created your credit card will be charged a $1.00 pre-authorisation to confirm your card works. This is immediately refunded so may not even appear on your credit card statement.


  • Free setup

  • Pay only per line/minute

  • No subscription charge

  • Cancel any time