Recording is easy

The call leader presses *21 (star, then two, then one) on their telephone and everything after that point is recorded.

When can I download the recording?

An email containing a download link is emailed 10-15 minutes after the last line disconnects from the teleconference.

Easily share the recording

Forward the email from us, or cut and paste the download link into your own email.

How long is the recording kept?

Recordings are stored by us for 60 days.
We recommend you download the recording straight away and store it somewhere safe.

What format is the recording in?

We use MP3. This format makes the file a manageable size (it’s not really on a cassette).

Excellent sound quality?

The recording will sound as good as your teleconference.

Selectively record parts of the teleconference

You can start and stop recording multiple times in the meeting to create separate recordings.
You will only be charged for one recording.

What does a recording cost?

Recordings are free.

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